Testing Page for email lists

longroadtxtThis is a test post for a blog to see how email management works. In order to collect email addresses and names of visitors to a website, it is necessary to use email management software. It can be complex to set this up, especially if you wish to treat people ethically, collect only that information that visitors are willing to provide and use that for providing information and offers that they may be interested in.

Having created a few graphics to make this site look welcoming and helpful, I have realised that there may be interest in the subject of procrastination means … items, so although this site is currently a testing hotbed, it may develop into a site to enable people to laugh at procrastination and find ways of overcoming their own procrastinating ways!

Welcome to procrastination means. please feel free to comment. Eventually, there should be a sign up form for an email list once I have worked out how to do it and have stopped procrastinating long enough to get round to it!


I am going to add an optin page to this site to see how it works. Please feel free to sign up if you wish. You will NOT be spammed – Promise!

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