Student Syndrome

Student Syndrome

I know how this feels. As a student, there were many projects to turn in and the organised people in the class asked to have plenty of time in which to present their perfect projects, grrr! So at the start of the semester, we were given several projects which did not need to be submitted until much later on. Of course, because there was plenty of time in which to do them, they didn’t seem urgent at the time. They, of course, didn’t get started until late on in the semester, by which time there were several projects due, all of which were now urgent. All the lecturers, who were probably all organised themselves, couldn’t understand why anyone needed extra time and I ended up writing until 3 am some nights, trying to finish (or even start) something I had had weeks to do!

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Meg has been a procrastinator since she was in school and has spent her life trying to find ways around it, in order to do what she actually WANTS to do.

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